Farm Girl turns Blogger

   Jul 16

One Birthday Coming Up

Actually, it is my birthday that is coming up. I will be turning a year older this month and I am so happy. I am so happy because I am getting a year older. And because it is my birthday, I want to receive gifts when I celebrate it. My birthday wish list includes a […]

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   Jun 22

Country Living

What is great about living in the rural area such as our home town is that most people know each other through names or faces. Yes, I mostly know the people who lives in my home town. We usually consider the people living in the next 3 blocks as our neighbor compared to the city […]

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   Jun 20

Pangantucan Post Office

This is the Pangantucan Post Office and it is still located in the old Municipal Hall. This is a photo that I took because I want my town mates who are living abroad to see what our town looks like now.

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   May 19

An Open Letter from Senator Migz Zubiri

I embarked on a journey fifteen years ago to be an effective legislator and a true public servant. I have gone through difficult times, have met the most wonderful people and have memories, as well as moments of pride and joy that I will keep in my heart for the rest of my life. And […]

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   May 18

May 2013 National and Local Elections

My May 2013 National and Local Elections experience is far more different from my usual election day experience. I have been voting for the past 10 years, and never did I let a chance pass of not going to the precinct and not exercise my right of suffrage. This year was different though because I […]

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