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   Mar 16

Just Beautiful #3

My entry for this week’s Just Beautiful is here:

This is my son, I took this photo last week when we went to the farm. My son loves to walk around the farm lot without anybody to accompany him.

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  1. S-H-Y says:

    Love the photo, it made me miss our farm back home..have followed you hope you do the same..

  2. Vernz says:

    hehehe.. laagan… pero ang ganda Joan.. laki na ng baby ng farmer.. hahaha… agi ko
    Visiting from Just Beautiful

  3. lerra says:

    wow..really nice picture.. looks like a post card:) have abeautiful day.

    hope you can check mine, its my first time to join. and maybe we can exlinks if its okey:) see yah!

  4. C5 says:

    atapang atao! :) ayos yun! basta walang danger sa paligid…nakasubaybay naman ang paparazzi eh. :)

    JB7 #10
    A Woman's World

  5. Sunshinelene says:

    That is just a beautiful place to wander around. I think he is just a brave lil one.

    My JB is now up and i followed you too!


  6. Genejosh says:

    laki ng farm nyo too i want to invest on farms:)

  7. Anne says:

    Your kid is so brave to walk around. Well, it seems like this place is not a danger at all

    Just Beautiful

  8. Clavs says:

    Where is he going? he might be lost? LOL!

  9. Mommy Trish says:

    beautiful view with your precious little boy. thanks for joining! :)

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