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   Aug 24

Another Photo to Like for Miss Silka Northern Mindanao

Hello again friends, I am asking for your support to LIKE my cousin’s Head Shots for Glamour Photo in order for her to win Miss Popular. They have two photos that needs to be liked. I already shared the first photo last week and I hope you could find the time to LIKE another photo. […]

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   Jul 27

My Mom’s Firmoo Share

Last month, my Firmoo sunglasses arrived and I have forgotten to make a post about them. Firmoo optical Online sent me 4 wraparound sunglasses and I was ecstatic because I personally choose them. I chose 2 sunglasses for women and 2 sunglasses for men. One for me, one for my mom, one for my brother […]

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   May 03

Pangantucan’s Fashion Styles

When I was in high school, we had to wear our uniforms 4 times a week and we only had one day for wash day and that is “Wednesday”. So the only chance I could wear my dress fashionably is every Wednesday of the week ONLY. Sometimes when I feel like being a lady, I […]

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   Apr 09

Cologne Business

Every time I visit the malls, I am amazed by the number of stalls or shops who sells colognes and perfumes. When I was young, the only company I know who sells not so expensive colognes and perfumes was AVON. But nowadays, there are so many SME’s who are making names for themselves selling cheaper […]

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   Mar 26

Selling Online

I have been thinking of opening my own business online. I have read a lot of magazines talking about great entrepreneurs who have succeeded selling stuffs online. From cupcakes to cakes, from stuff toys to dresses, from shoes to sexy corset lingerie. There are also people who joined different online sites to promote their products […]

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