Farm Girl turns Blogger

   Nov 07


The milling season is here again. It started about 2 weeks ago and I am glad that they (the Sugarcane Milling Companies) have started receiving sugarcane deliveries because life is hard when it is not the milling season. We have visited the farm and I am glad that the sugarcane that we have planted last year is now ready for harvest. 2 weeks or 1 month more and we could ask the Tapaseros to cut down these sugarcane. IMG_1415

I visited the farm together with my brother Galil and my Father and we had so much FUN. My brother bring out the umbrella and said that my skin might get dark if he will not took it out because the SUN is so hot that day. And well, my father took this photo of us together and said that I look like Senyora Santibanez!

   Sep 14

Miss Tourism Bukidnon 2013

Last night was a very GOOD night for all of us because Pangantucan Bukidnon won Miss Tourism 2013. Yes, my cousin, our representativ/candidate for the Search for Miss Tourism Bukidnon 2013 brought home the CROWN and we are so proud of her.

Kor Jeanne Evangelista-Garces was crowned Miss Tourism Bukidnon 2013 last night with 2 minor awards, Miss Photogenic and Best in Swimsuit attire. The Pageant was held in Folk Art Theater Provincial Tourism of Bukidnon and the place was FULL of people from all over Bukidnon. The event started on time and I am glad I was seated in the front rows.

When the event started, I was so nervous and overwhelmed at the same time. This is the second time I attended a pageant that my cousin has joined. The first time was during the Search for Miss Pangantucan. During the event, my heart pumps so fast because I am very proud for my cousin and nervous for the result. Of course, I want her to WIN the crown and I believe that she could do it but still, there are a lot of things to consider that is why I am really scared for her. But everything WENT WELL, and I want to thank God for a very successful event for all of us.

Let me share some photos during the event here in my post and if you want to see all the photos during the event, you can FIND IT


Miss Tourism Bukidnon 2013 RESULTS:
Minor Awards:

  • Miss Congeniality – Cabanglasan
  • Miss Photogenic – Pangantucan
  • Best in Casual Wear – Dangcagan
  • Best in Swimsuit – Pangantucan
  • Best in Evening Gown – Maramag


Major Awards:

  • Miss Tourism Bukidnon – Pangantucan
  • 1st Runner Up – Dangcagan
  • 2nd Runner Up – Valencia City
  • 3rd Runner Up – Kibawe


CONGRATULATIONS KOR JEANNE EVANGELISTA-GARCES!!! YOU DESERVE IT!!! You make us all proud!!! Thank your for making Pangantucan Bukidnon WON MISS TOURISM 2013!

   Sep 04

Organic Switch! campaign supports safe cosmetics drive

A group of communication professionals and graduate students from the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU) is currently holding a social marketing campaign to increase consumers’ awareness on cosmetics that contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals beyond the limits regarded as safe. The campaign also urges consumers to use organic/organic-based daily personal-care products with safe ingredients.

“We want to empower the general public to make informed decisions on choosing safe, green and organic alternative,” says the group of students under the Master of Development Communication program of the UPOU.

Dubbed as Organic Switch!, the campaign has been launched in support of a growing interest by individuals, organizations such as EcoWaste Coalition, and the government on the health hazard of unsafe cosmetics. It seeks to provide measurable results that can be used in future research and studies on personal-care products with safe active ingredients.

According to the campaign’s website: “Government scientists have ‘identified a group of toxic chemicals known as phthalates in urine of adults, with highest levels in premenopausal women, resulting from inhalation and skin exposure to volatile parent ingredients used extensively as solvents and plasticizers in personal-care and cosmetic (PCC) products,’ according to Dr. Samuel Epstein as quoted in Senate Bill No. 1886 (An Act Establishing the Safe Cosmetics Act).”

Epstein explained that phthalates “induce birth defects, low sperm counts and other reproductive toxicity in experimental animals.”

For more information, visit Like the Organic Switch! campaignon Facebook at and follow on Twitter @OrganicSwitch.

Join the Organic Switch! online survey and contests and get a chance to win safe and organic/organic-based products from ECHOstore, Human Nature, Lawiswis, Messy Bessy and The Body Shop.


   Aug 27

Happy Fiesta Saint Agustin

Every 28th day of August, we, Catholics, celebrates the Feast of Saint Agustin. Cagayan de Oro and Valencia Bukidnon celebrates their Town Fiesta every 28th day of the month of August because their Patron Saint is Saint Agustin.

A day before the Town Fiesta, the town will have a parade around the town. The schools are represented by their school band wherein the members usually uses bugles, lyres and bass drums. Though I am hoping that they will use neotech drums & percussion at guitar center to make their music more beautiful.